Meet Mary Till

Meet Mary Till

New Hampshire State Representative 2013-14

For years, the state has failed to meet its revenue sharing obligations with towns like Derry.  Big business and big money get all the attention and all the money while we see our property taxes go up, This needs to change.  We need laws that help towns, like Derry, use renewable energy to meet its electrical needs.  A 5 megawatt solar array on the old landfill would conservatively save Derry over $1 million in electricity costs each year.  That’s a $1 million savings for Derry property taxpayers. Finally, as the previous Town Moderator, I am all too aware that computer-counted ballots can be hacked.

As a concerned citizen and advocate, I will work to lower property taxes and to restore the authority of the moderator to verify the device count after the election. And, I ask you to follow my blog, sign-up for the newsletter, and participate in the conversation.


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Top Priorities

Property Taxes

  • I’m tired of my property taxes going up every year while the state gives tax cuts to large corporations and out-of-state businesses.
  • I’ll fight to get the money that the state has stopped sharing with towns. Money from the meals and rooms tax, the business tax, and general revenues.
  • I will work for passage of HB 274 and SB 72 which restores a portion of the state’s portion of the retirement costs for teachers, firefighters, and local police. I will also work for passage of SB 99 which increases and stabilizes the amount of the Rooms and Meals taxes that the State must share with local towns and municipalities.  In fact, I will work for passage of any bill that relieves the tax burden on the local property taxpayer.  I will work against passage of HB 10, which lowers both the Business Profits Tax and the Business Enterprise Tax and HB 210, which lowers the Interest and Dividends Tax.  Revenues from these taxes are shared with towns and municipalities.  Lowering revenue from these sources means property taxes will go up.

Renewable Energy

  • I support growing our renewable energy resources. I will help Derry take advantage of the savings to be gained by developing local renewable energy resources.
  • New solutions must be found to meet our energy needs. I will work to find ways to reduce our property taxes by using clean, cheap, renewable energy.

Voting Rights

  • I support and will continue to work to ensure everyone who is eligible to vote has the opportunity to vote.
  • I will fight for common sense ways to make sure that your vote has been accurately counted.

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