Mary Till

Meet Mary Till

Experience to Understand How
Government Works

I graduated from both Indiana University and Purdue University. I have a degree in Social Work and one in Mechanical Engineering.   I have worked in local, state, and federal government, as well as private industry.  I have been lobbying my representatives since working in the Indiana Equal Rights Amendment campaign in the 1970’s.  Through this experience, I have learned how government works and how government and industry can, and must, work together to build a robust economy that works for everyone.  I want to pass on a vibrant democracy and a healthy world to my four grandchildren with an economy that allows them to prosper.

Commitment to Civic Duty

I considers it my civic duty to give back to the community by being active both inside and outside local and state government. I served Derry in the New Hampshire State House in 2013-2014. During that time I learned that the state was not fulfilling its revenue sharing obligations that could help lower property taxes in towns like Derry. Read more about my position on property taxes here.

In 2016, I was elected as Derry Town Moderator and served through March, 2020. when my term ended. As Town Moderator I worked to ensure that everyone who is eligible to vote, had the opportunity to vote, and that every vote was counted. I advocated for a post-election audit process that would double check the accuracy of the machine count by hand counting a random sample of paper ballots.

I frequently testify before the N.H. Election Law committees of the House and Senate in support of bills that would make voting in New Hampshire easier, more secure, and ensure that votes are accurately counted. Unfortunately, many of these bills never passed. Political action takes perserverance.  No matter how long it takes, I will ot give up on protecting the integrity of the vote.

Love for Nature and the Environment

Mountains, snow, trees, and streams first brought me to New Hampshire over twenty-five years ago. I currently own a home in Derry where I love to grow flowers and vegetables. I delight in exploring the many conservation areas in Derry and when my family visits, I eagerly share the wonders of New Hampshire with them.

My love for the environment led me to be a founding member of Go Green Derry.  As a Land Steward for the Derry Conservation Committee, I regularly walked the Grinnell Conservation Area and Shepard Park.  On my walks with my dog, Johnny, I cleaned these trails and reported any fallen limbs or other obstacles to the Conservation Committee.  I was one of the initial members of the Derry Energy and Environmental Advisory Committee and currently serve on the Derry Net Zero Task Force Committee.  I love New Hampshire’s natural beauty and want to do all I can to preserve it for future generations.

Learn more about my environmental position.