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Fate of Community Energy Bills on Crossover Day

Apr 12, 2021 | Energy, Environment, Property Tax

Community energy bills fared pretty well on Crossover Day. The House passed HB 315 on a voice vote. This bill opens the door for communities to contract for energy from private suppliers. They can also supply the power themselves and then sell that energy to community members who choose to participate in the program. It is anticipated that communities can negotiate a better deal with approved providers than an individual homeowner. Also, they can negotiate for renewable energy which continues to decrease in cost over fossil fuel sources.

In SB 91, the Senate supports the aggregation program included in HB 315. It is highly likely that a supportive municipal aggregation bill will pass this year.

The Senate is holding SB 109. This bill removes municipalities from the 1 MW limit on net metering. This change will makes municipal solar projects viable once again. The general consensus is that this bill is still very much alive. It is possible the Senate wants to see what the House does before taking final action on SB 109. This could be one of the bills the Senate hopes to fold into the budget or some popular House bill.

Any savings in energy costs represents a savings to the homeowner. A significant savings in municipal energy costs will show up as a decrease in property taxes.