Voting Booths

Property Taxes

I will be a watchdog sounding the alarm through my newsletter when the state fails to fairly share revenues with towns. I’m tired of the state balancing its budget on the backs of local property taxpayers. It’s time for local leaders to stand up for local people even when that means voting against the wishes of big donors.


Energy and Environment

I will support legislation to help local governments take advantage of local renewable energy resources. A 5 megawatt (MW) solar system in Derry would provide all the electrical needs of our town and our schools. In both 2019 and 2020 the Governor vetoed a bill to raise the net metering cap to 5 MW. He convinced the Public Utility Commission to limit the time period for balancing energy created with energy used from 30 days to only one hour.   These actions kept Derry from economically building a 5 MW solar array.  They prevented Derry from saving local taxpayers millions of dollars over 25 years. They prevented Derry from helping clean our air by reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. Legislation has again been introduced in the legislature.  I will be following it in my newsletter and urging action as the bill makes its way through the legislative process.



What makes our government a democracy is the opportunity and obligation for every eligible voter to cast a meaningful vote. When the ability to vote is suppressed by targeted limits on voting, our democracy is weakened. When voting districts are drawn to favor one political party over the other, our democracy is weakened. When lax campaign finance laws limit our candidate choices, our democracy is weakened.  When voter voices are silenced, we slip toward an oligarchy where a few rich and influential people control the government.  Several bills have been introduced in the legislature to suppress the vote, I will follow them closely in my newsletter.  I will work to ensure that everyone who is eligible to vote, has the chance to vote, and knows that their vote has been accurately counted.