Renewable Energy


Our Beautiful Planet

I Will Fight to Protect Our Planet While Saving Taxpayer Dollars

As a member of the Derry Net Zero Task Force, I am working to help Derry use clean, renewable energy sources.  In 2019, we were well on our way to building a large solar field to provide for the electrical needs of Derry.

Then, in the 2019-2020 legislative session, Governor Sununu vetoed a renewable energy bill (HB365) that was supported by both Republicans and Democrats. This bill would have allowed Derry to build a 5 megawatt (MW) net metering solar array, enough to supply all the town and school electrical needs. Derry is currently limited to a 1 MW net metering system. We need a bigger solar array to meet all our needs. By getting our electricity from the sun, we’ll save Derry’s property taxpayers millions of dollars over 25 years.


I Will Fight for Fair Billing

In 2020, the governor sided with the lawyers from Eversource to redefine the term “billing cycle” from one month to one hour.  Instead of balancing the amount of energy used over a month or even a day for net metering purposes, it requires the balancing to occur over an hour.  That means that Derry cannot take advantage of excess power produced during the day to offset the cost of imported energy at night.  This even makes a 1 MW system impractical. Another bi-partisan bill (HB1218) was passed in 2020 and again the Governor vetoed it.

 We must work to get our legislators to pass legislation supporting net metering for municipalities and towns up to 5 MW and get the Governor to sign the legislation to open the way for Derry to build a 5 MW net metering solar array on the old land fill so we can use the sun to supply the town and school electrical needs and save millions of dollars in the process. We are in a climate crisis with no time to waste.

Our Priceless Gift to Our Grandchildren.

Perhaps our grandchildren will be able to fly to Mars or even Jupiter, but nowhere is there a planet as beautiful as our own. We must stop polluting our skies. When our air gets too dirty, it gets hot, and we get violent storms, either too much rain and snow or not enough. We need to care for our planet so our children and grandchildren can enjoy it.  That is why I support programs to help homeowners, businesses, and towns prosper while not spoiling our beautiful Earth.