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Rejecting Absentee Ballots

Sep 9, 2020 | Voting Absentee

Affidavit envelope image

Most Common Reasons for Rejecting Absentee Ballots

The two primary reasons absentee ballots were rejected in Derry were failure to return the affidavit envelope and failure to sign the affidavit envelope when it was returned. There were 1,603 absentee ballots cast in Derry on September 9, 2020. Forty-one were rejected. Eighteen were rejected for lack of an affidavit envelope. Fourteen were rejected for lack of a signature on the affidavit envelope. Several absentee ballots were placed in the drop box when no election official was around. Voters had to be called back in to retrieve their ballot and submit it in person. Two people failed to retrieve their absentee ballot from the unattended drop box at the Town Hall and their ballots were rejected. Six voters were not registered or submitted incomplete registration information and one ballot was returned as undeliverable.

Please, please remember that when you vote absentee, you must place your absentee ballot in the affidavit envelope, sign the affidavit envelope, and return the affidavit envelope containing your ballot to the town or city clerk either by mail or in person. Failure to swear to the reason you are voting absentee results in automatic rejection of your ballot. If the reason you are voting absentee is because of Covid-19, you can sign either the right or the left box on the affidavit envelop since both of them refer to physical disability, which is the category that overs Covid-19. See more about voting absentee here. Absentee ballot information will be updated by September 10. You can check to see if your absentee ballot was counted here.

Watch-Out for Misinformation

Get your application for an absentee ballot directly from your town or city clerk or download it from the Secretary of State’s website. Do not rely on applications from unsolicited mailings.