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Stop Property Tax Creep

Jul 27, 2020 | Energy, Property Tax

Joint Legislative Round Table

On July 22, Derry’s Joint Legislative Round Table met to discuss the town budget. As a candidate for the NH House, I was invited to attend the meeting. It was good to see town and school officials and state legislators working together. I was pleased that two of my key platform issues were addressed.

Property Taxes and Revenue Sharing

I whole-heartedly agree with David Caron, the Town Administrator, who asked that any shortfall in state revenues be equitably shared among all state revenue sources. In the past, in order to balance it’s budget, the state reduced the revenues it shared with towns. The loss of state revenues meant local property taxpayers were left to fill the hole this caused in the town budget. Read more information on Property Taxes and State Revenues.

Property Taxes and Renewable Energy

During the Round Table discussion, Councilor Jim Morgan brought up the need for legislation to raise net metering levels to 5 MW, a proposal I have supported for several years. Building a large solar array on Derry’s old land fill would provide enough electricity to meet both the town’s and the school’s electrical needs and more, saving over $1 million in local property taxes each year. Read more information on Renewable Energy and Property Taxes

The NH Legislature passed 5MW legislation both last year and this year. Unfortunately, the Governor vetoed both bills. The legislature failed to override the veto last year, but will have another chance this September with SB 159. Urge Derry’s 10 state representatives to vote to override the governor’s veto of SB159. Contact information for Derry’s ten representatives can be found at under House/ Members.