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Was Your Vote Counted Correctly?

Jan 27, 2021 | Voting

Senate Bill 79, which restores the authority of the moderator to verify the machine count after an election, was heard on Monday, Jan 25, by the Senate Election Law Committee.   You can read the SB79 Hearing Report.  Thanks to all of you who signed in to support the bill.

Seven people spoke in favor of the bill and two in opposition.  45 people signed in in support of the bill and 5 in opposition. One would expect that to be a very hopeful sign. 

The main arguments against the bill are:

1.  You can’t hack a pencil.  Response:  Yes, but we don’t use pencils to count the votes.

2.  We test the machines before each election.  Response:  Yes, but Voltswagon has shown that one can program a machine to do one thing in test mode and quite another in live mode. 

3. New Hampshire does lots of recounts. Response: Yes, but only for lower level offices. A recount of a state representative race does not ensure that a federal Senate race or Presidential race has been accurately counted.

Several town moderators have indicated that they have received many calls from concerned citizens questioning our election results. They were assured by these moderators that they could trust the results. The problem is the voter should not have to Trust the accuracy of the results and the integrity of election officials—it’s the government’s job to prove the results are correct.

This bill is party neutral in that there is no reason to believe it will support one party over another.  However, it definitely will raise voter confidence by ensuring the integrity of the vote. Click: Take Action and contact your Senator today.  

Our voting rights are under assault.  We must stay engaged.