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Watch-Out for No-New-Tax Charlatans

Aug 19, 2020 | Mary for Derry, Property Tax, Taxes, Voting

I like to refer to those politicians who so self-righteously brag that they have signed the “No New Taxes” pledge, the no-new-tax charlatans. In a previous post, I revealed some of the major ways the state balances its budget on the backs of local property owners and renters. See Property Taxes and Stop Property Tax Creep. It is not only property owners, but also renters who are saddled with this hidden tax. We all know that the cost of property taxes are figured into the rental rates.

The no-new-tax charlatans are just fine with passing state revenue shortfalls onto local property taxpayers to avoid creating new taxes. They will be the first ones to accuse me of being a “tax-and-spend liberal” who wants to back the state into an income tax.

Not true! I am not proposing any new tax or revenue source. That is a decision that must be made by 400 state representatives, 24 state senators, and the governor. There are a lot of ideas out there. No one legislator can solve the revenue problems of the state. The state has a myriad of revenue options. Towns and cities rely almost exclusively on property taxes.

All I want to do is to close the back door that has been the escape hatch for balancing the state budget when revenues fall short or legislators or the governor want to keep a pledge to cut business taxes. I want to shine a bright light on this practice. I want voters to understand a big reason why their property taxes keep going up. It is time that state representatives start representing the voters who elected them and not Concord lobbyists.