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Windham Update.

May 9, 2021 | Election Integrity

The Windham Board of Selectmen (WBOS) held firm on its selection for the forensic auditor to represent Windham despite massive pressure from “Stop The Steal” groups who were promoting selection of Jovan Pulitzer. Mr. Pulizer claims to have invented a way to detect counterfeit ballots and is heavily involved in the debacle in Maricopa County, AZ.

I was mistaken when I said in my last newsletter that the WBOS chose Prof Appel as Windham”s choice for the forensic audit. They actually chose Mark Lindeman, Acting Co-Director of Verified Voting. Verified Voting is a group that actually sent a representative to testify in support of my first post election audit bill, HB 1605, in 2014. This group has been helping nearly three dozen states to pass and conduct post election audits to ensure election integrity and responsible use of technology. NH has resisted attempts to pass legislation authorizing post election audits primarily because Secretary of State Bill Gardner said our system in NH is above reproach. The Windham fiasco has proven him wrong, and NH’s reputation for election integrity has been tarnished.

According to a report by Casey McDerott on NHPR, the Secretary of State and the Attorney General have chosen Harri Hursti as the state’s auditor choice. Mr. Hursti is a well-known election security expert, who has demonstrated how easily voting systems can be hacked by publicly hacking into several voting systems. The third forensic auditor chosen by Mr Lindeman and Mr Hursti is Philip Stark, a statistics professor at the University of California, He helped organize the nation’s first risk-limiting audit in Colorado in 2017. I have every reason to believe this is a well-qualified, professional, and non-partisan team.

The three selected forensic auditors will design the audit within the parameters set forth in SB 43. They will draw on their own vast experience and may seek advice from other colleagues. The audit itself will require help from volunteers to hand count votes as well as process ballots through the voting machines used in Windham in November 2020. The entire audit will be live streamed. The date for the actual audit has not yet been determined.